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Officina Stellare RH200
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Dark skies set in a stunning remote desert location, with an average of 185 clear nights a year

Remote telescope imaging does not have to be expensive or unattainable, if we club together with a high quality, fair-priced subscription system. Imaging then becomes a genuine, affordable proposition for the individual, that for some may even replace ownership. We believe that our subscriptions offer the perfect solution for most astro imagers without any of the drawbacks.

Imagine what we can achieve together without constraints, limitations and inferior equipment!

Astro imaging is an addictive hobby that combines art and technology like no other, allowing us as amateurs to create quite magical interpretations of the night sky in all its glory. What has excited me most in the last 20 years is the technological advances that have given amateur astronomers the means to create superb astro images even with modest equipment. However, we are sure the best is yet to come. Great imaging sensors and other technology is advancing but most of us are still hampered by budget, weather and time constraints or a combination of all three and more besides!

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An image from our location

We were lucking enough to have some data of B33 AKA the Horsehead shared with us by Kayron Mercieca who has a telescope located at the same site as us. If you consider that this was taken with an 85mm aperture telescope and is only RBG signal rather than LRGB I think its pretty impressive. It shows just how good the skies are and what we can expect  to achieve with our setups has us salivating

It looks like were travelling over in the next few weeks to instal  Gus and Tim and all being well a few weeks later to install Jim. Not that any of us are complaining as the accommodation at E-Eye looks amazing as well as it will be nice to see the fruits of our hard work over the last few months sitting in their new homes.

While we are over at E-Eye we will be doing some photography ourselves of the area, observatories as well as the horizons so keep an eye (parden the pun) on the location page as were going to add some time-lapse shots of the sky as well.

Image Details

IC434/B33 Flame - AKA The Horsehead Nebula
Avalon M-Uno
Takahashi FSQ-85ED
QSI 660wsg-8
Astrodon E-Series Gen2 RGB 1.25”
Starlight Xpress Lodestar X2
RGB,120x600 seconds
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